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Sunday, February 19, 2017

Do We Really Want to Know "Why?"

The Old Testament Prophets, like Isiah often pulled back the curtain of "what was happening" and "how it was happening" to show the "why." God's people had turned from Him and set their hearts on things that were destructive and that was why God was allowing bad things to happen to His people. In our deepest troubles, we often ask "why" - but I doubt we'd like the answer. Maybe simply asking for God's mercy and understanding to accompany the "why" would help us better respond.


Each of the cartoons on this site is an expression of a sermon I heard in church. As a cartoonist, my method of understanding complex theological topics is to boil them down to simple images.

These images will never do justice to the sermons from which they are derived, but hopefully, they convey at least one aspect of those sermons to you, the reader.

I hope that you gain some benefit from the cartoons and will reuse them in ways that honor Christ.

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